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Heidi Appel
Spink Co Coalition Administrative Director     
1005 W 1st Street, Suite #2, Redfield, SD 57469


CARD: Community
Awareness of
Responsible Driving

CARD, Community Awareness of Responsible Driving,
is a campaign to promote, educate, and support safe and responsible driving.
South Dakota is #1 in DUI arrests & #2 in drunk driving issues in the nation.


A Community Awareness of Responsible Driving Youth Event
was held at the Spink County Law Enforcement Center
on August 4th from 10am to 12pm.
The event focused around safe and responsible driving, with specific attention to the dangers and education of drunk driving. At the event the youth got to experience the new twelve thousand dollar driving simulator by Virtual Interactive that features driving courses and real life video simulation of the ER, courtroom, jail, and job interview. The keynote speaker was Dr. Chris Olson, professor at DSU, that was in a drunk driving accident that left his fiance dead and him paralyzed. Sheriff Frank Krumm engaged with the youth by giving them a tour of the new law enforcement center complete with a look at the holding cells and presentation of his decades long experience as a former Highway Patrolman and now Sheriff on how dangerous drinking and driving is. Also the youth got to hear from the amazing Deputy Kathy Adams and Kelly, the drug dog, about impaired driving with a demonstration of her patrol vehicle and the many substances that can make people impaired.

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2020 Responsible Driving Youth Event

Spink County Coalition puts up new billboard in Redfield...

Thanks to the generous donation of the use of their billboard, Vickie and Dan Appel have made it possible for the Spink County Coalition to design and put up this catchy sign on the intersection of Highways 281 and 212 across the street from Casey’s. [ read more ]

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